Mike Cilliers became a Floridian in March 2018, after leaving Oxford, England. Mike was born in South Africa and later emigrated to England. Mike was an EIS specialist with Xerox Corporation and later a Project Engineer with Siemens AG.  He has managed and owned numerous music stores, a recording studio, an artist & event  management company and a music publishing house. Mike has presented "Live" sound engineering and performing artists workshops. 

He was an International delegate with the Eurovision Song Contest and the founder of the World Song Contest. He later became the Director of South African Music and Art where he  developed, managed & recorded  amature and professional artists.

He moved to England where he was the Development Director for the Witney Music Festival (Oxford), an annual event in a small town that has attendance of 25,000+.  It is a festival that brings the community & the local businesses together, promotes and supports amature and professional artists. 


Mike has always had a passion for music and has always wanted to help people "be the best they can be".


  1. We provide a Creative outlet for our Jam Club members, where they meet with others weekly in groups to compose songs on various topics, learn to play the parts needed to head to the recording studio to record it professionally. 
  2. We have a Production Recording Studio - create & record your songs.
  3. We have a Music Video Production Studio - Bring your digital dreams alive in our film making shop. 


    * To create a fun & exciting environment  where creativity, determination, passion, motivation and talent is nurtured, developed and shared.

    * To create an environment where people can use and showcase their gifting and talents.

    * To build a creative, caring, productive, successful, inspired and  harmonious world community.


    The dream to provide a "pathway' for all ages that would help develope essential Social and Emotional Life Skills was conceived in 2005.

               "We bring out the STAR in you."  


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