Sir Ken Robinson 

Ted Talks - Do schools kill creativity

He believes that much of the present education system in the United States encourages conformitycompliance and standardisation rather than creative approaches to learning. 

University of Auckland - New Zealand

What is Creativity?

3,000 people came to the University of Auckland's Centre for Brain Research's Auckland Brain Day 2013 to learn what we currently know about the brain and creativity. Leading academics from across the University explored the creative workings of the brain, how the brain benefits from making and appreciating art in its various forms, the importance of play, how a wandering mind allows for creativity, the science of imagination and the science of happiness.

Fresh Consulting

Why we need creativity and designers more than ever before

Child Creativity Lab 

Why do we need creativity?

In the U.S., music and the arts, widely understood as building blocks for enhancing creativity, among other skills, are considered peripheral activities more appropriate for a few talented students rather than the masses. This is in stark contrast with countries, like Hungary, Japan, and the Netherlands, that consistently rank among the highest in math and science test scores. These countries have long adopted mandates for arts and music education programs.


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