JAM-OLOGY is America and St. Augustine's FIRST and ORIGINAL Music Club that focuses on developing talents in it's members of all ages.

Members of all ages develop essential Social & Emotional Life Skills in an exciting and informative way for ALL ages and abilities.

Embark on a FUN & EXCITING journey while:

* Making new friends,

* Improve Music skills,

* Improve stage - video Performance,

* Improve Design skills,

* Writing songs,  

* Improving one's Confidence,

* Improve one's Communication sklls,

* Improved Problem solving ability,

* Improved Coordination,

* Enhanced Creativity skills,

* Improved critical thinking,

Learning how to Collaborate

* Improve Mem oory & Time management Skills.


    To create a fun & exciting environment where creativity, determination, passion, motivation and talent is nurtured, developed and shared.

    To provide a "Creative Space" where one's talents, passions and giftings can be developed and showcased.

    To build an inspiring, creative, caring, productive, successful and harmonious world community.


    In 2005, the dream to provide a pathway for all ages that would help develop essential "Social and Emotional Life Skills" was conceptualized in South Africa.

    The 2013 adaptation of Jam-Ology came to fruition in England as "The Muse Collective".

    JAM-OLOGY was registered in the USA in 2020.


    We have dedicated team members who are  devoted to helping you become the best version of yourself.

    Our team has multi-national music experience and is ready to assist in helping you develop as an individual and as an artist.



    Members of the Jam-Club attend weekly band sessions.

    They learn song writing, music & video production, play an instrument, graphic design, branding, stage performance etc


    We use music, video and community as the guiding method for developing Social and Emotional Life skills in our members. Members learn so much more than only playing an instrument. The S.E.L  skills help with relationship and career prospects.


    Our "Creative Space" (2000 sqft) has a stage with professional audio equipment, a Recording Production Studio and a Green Screen Suite for our music video production.


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    Monday – Friday

    10 am – 7 pm


    10 am - 2 pm