Join the Jam-Club and be part of something big!

Attend your weekly band sesson and learn how to:

* Sing,

* Play an instrument.

* Write songs, jingles & commercials,

* Perform on stage and in front of the camera,

* Design and create your logo's, merchandise etc ..... 

One thing is for sure, as a member of the Jam-Club YOU will gain Social and Emotional Life skills, make new friends and have lots of fun!

When you are ready, you will perform on stage in front of a real audience!


Call to arrange an appointment.

For ages: 7 - 70+.

No previous experience required.  

* Call us to discuss our other  services


Want to play an instrument? Here's your chance!

Our "sessions/lessons" create the passion to want to learn how to play.

We will teach you how to play the guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and/or singing. You will be introduced to the core concepts and the basic lessons for the instrument you choose. We will help you develop your sense of rhythm, groove and skill and help you reach the next level. Soon you will be ready to join a band, play your favorite songs or write your own originals.

Contact us for details and schedule an appointment.


Record your project in our studio.

Whether you are an aspiring or experienced artist, we offer studio time for your project.

You can record a song, an EP or a full album in our recording studio with the help of our producers & sound engineers.

Contact us for a quote for your project


Ready to take it to the next level?

If you would like to pursue a career in music, we will help you take your creative development and career opportunities in new, exciting directions!

We will help you with stage presence, brand perception, marketing, management, booking and more.

We will tailor a custom program for you depending on your interests and needs.

Contact us and let's have a talk about how we can help you!