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Mike has over 30 years of experience in the music business and has always had a passion for helping people "be the best they can be".

His journey started in South Africa, where he founded the World Song ‭Contest He became the International Delegate for the Eurovision Song Contest and later the Director of South African Music and Art, where he developed, managed & recorded amateur and professional artists.  Mike emigrated to England where he founded The Muse Collective: a creative artist/music program for amateurs and professionals alike.

Mike has managed and owned music stores, a recording studio, publishing house and an artist & events management company. He has presented "Live" sound engineering and performing artists workshops.

Caleb is a versatile musician with a decade of piano experience and proficiency in guitar, saxophone, drums, and bass. He received classical training from top instructors nationwide and honed his skills at the Hawaii Performing Arts Festival. For the past three years at Jam-ology, Caleb has excelled as a producer, teacher, and skilled audio & video engineer, leveraging five years of teaching experience to work effectively with students of all ages. He showcases his creativity through original music production and collaborations with other artists, channeling his passion for music into every project.

 Gina Tenore Griffin has been performing as a Singer and Songwriter since she was 15. She holds a Voice/Performance degree from the Peabody Conservatory School of Music and has written over 100 songs. She has received awards for her Songwriting on a local and national level. Gina is a published poet.   Gina teaches, voice, keyboard and guitar.

She taught with the Fairfax County and Arlington School systems in Northern Virginia. She has a BS degree in psychology and a degree in Illustration.

" Gina is an incredibly talented singer/ song writer with a powerful voice that delivers and captivates her audience with a passion for each performance"    ( Mary Jane Potter...Owner of Matildas in Alpharetta, Ga )     6 sample songs    www.reverbnation.com/ginatenore3

Gina is featured on Alveda King's Ministry Web site under Artist Spotlight!  Alveda King is Martin Luther King's Niece. She loved the lyrics & music Gina wrote for this Song ... as well as Gina's powerful voice.   The song is a great message as far as bringing together everyone no matter what their background may be.  Click link to see words and listen to the song.


Chris started his musical career at a young age, playing in various club bands across different genres. He earned a music degree from the University of Connecticut, specializing in piano, percussion, composition, and jazz improvisation. Chris later delved into music technology at Passport Designs during the MIDI revolution before transitioning to music publishing at Hal Leonard Publishing. His ventures included founding early music streaming websites and working internationally with tech and media companies like Cakewalk and Avid Technology. Chris's journey is marked by a lifelong dedication to music and innovation.

Throughout his career, Chris continued playing music in bands of all kinds and kept up his studies over the years. One of the highlights was playing with Jerry Garcia at Guitar Player Magazine’s 25th Anniversary where Chris was part of the house band. Chris also had the pleasure of working with and meeting some of music’s leading luminaries including John Willams, Johnny Cash, Chad Smith and many others.

Our youngest member of the team,  Olivia teaches, guitar, bass and drums to our young students.