Summer Camps 2024

Monday to Friday from 9 am - 4 pm

Per child for one week:

$ 349

10% Discount for siblings.

Ages 8 to 15 years


Summer Camp

The Summer Camp Program was developed in England in 2015 and introduced to the USA in 2020.

It is a Fun and Exciting program for ages 8 to 15 years.

Sing, Dance, Play an instrument, Write jingles, Perform in commercials, Perform on Stage, write & illustrate your own story, design and draw ........   No previous experience is required.

The Program provides a Creative environment, where the next Rocket Scientist, Doctor, Teacher, Athlete or Super Star is nurtured and developed.

The Summer Camp and Jam-Club Program helps individuals to develop their self confidence, creativity, communication skills, acquire the ability to share, compassion and perserverence.  We help equip them with Essential Life Skills that is necessary to succeed in the digital age.

Our Programs help children to:  Be creative, Problem solve, Have fun, Embrace diversity, Work together, Be confident & Engage in Effective communication.


JAM-CAMP 2020/2021/2022